Inquiry in the Curriculum

If you are in a school context, you will need to draw on the relevant curriculum (Australian Curriculum, state curriculum, International Baccalaureate) in your unit plan.

If you’re in a non-Australian context, please use the standards and continua that are relevant to your context.

Australian Curriculum inquiry skills

The Australian Curriculum explicitly includes the development of inquiry skills within:

  • F-12 Science
  • F-10 Humanities and Social Sciences (History, Geography, Civics & Citizenship, Economics & Business)
  • 11-12 English, Ancient History, Modern History and Geography


Analysing your unit in light of the Australian Curriculum continua/scope & sequence

  • How are the scope and sequence for the Australian Curriculum (or other curricula) being used in the inquiry?
  • How are the Australian Curriculum general capabilities being used in the inquiry?


Barbara Braxton (2017) The scope and sequence hat [for TLs]