Search strategies

University libraries often have fantastic search strategy pages.

One of the best is this one from the University of Kansas.

Here is the search strategies page from the QUT Library.
Here is a search strategies page from the University of Queensland
with lots of tips and techniques.

What are Boolean Operators?

Boolean Operators were invented by mathematician George Boole. Boolean Operators are a type of algebra, where the words AND, OR, and NOT are used to create a mathematical equation. These equations are used in search strings to give commands to the search tool or database. That means when you type a string of words into a search field you are actually creating an equation and engaging in computational thinking. Who knew! Many students are now learning Boolean logic as part of learning to code. Here’s a great simple explanation of Boolean logic as it appears in the kid’s programming tool Scratch.

This is a fun video from University of Sydney explaining Boolean searching:

And another one that you might find useful: