The majority of material for this unit will be made available through this unit website. We will interact as a learning community in this MeWe group space.

Tutorials will be held on Wednesday nights 7:30-8:30 pm (QLD time) via Zoom web conferencing. The link to access the Zoom room will be shared with you via email.
Getting started

What is MeWe? Why are we using it?

MeWe is a social network site similar to Facebook or Google Plus that is free to join. You can read frequently asked questions about MeWe here prior to signing up. This group will be where we will interact as a learning community in this unit.

MeWe was chosen because it has very strict privacy measures. It operates and has a similar ‘feel’ to very early Facebook. You can access MeWe from your Desktop (best experience) or via a mobile app (Apple) (Android). The app is a cut down version of the whole site and is good for ‘on the go’ use. 

It is expected that you will participate in the MeWe group as part of this unit. If you have any questions or concerns about joining, please contact me so that we can discuss asap.

The MeWe group is a closed group. Only those who are currently completing this unit will be permissioned to join. You can choose to use a pseudonym in the MeWe group if you would prefer, however if you do take this option, please contact the group administrator (me! Kay Oddone!) to let me know so that recognise you and allow you to join the group!

Once you have signed up, introduce yourself to the group and add the hashtag #introductions. MeWe uses hashtags to categorise posts, so we will be using these frequently.

This video introduces you to the MeWe social media platform and takes you on a tour of the space.

What do I need to know about setting up my blog space?

All assessments for this unit are submitted online as blog posts. This means that you need an online space to create and publish your work.

ALL students must familiarise themselves with this information about publishing online for this unit.

If you have never set up a blog or website, check out this information

If you have previously set up a blog or website, and would like to continue using the space that you have developed, check out this information