LCN616 Inquiry Learning

Welcome to LCN616 Inquiry Learning.

Teachers who understand the power of inquiry know that there is indeed an art to the pedagogy that drives it. Inquiry is a dynamic and interactive process involving questioning, designing, investigating, experimenting, analyzing, reflecting and acting. Underpinning the art of inquiry teaching is a strongly held view of the learner as capable and curious, with the right to participate in decisions made about what and how they learn. The corresponding image of the teacher is as a mindful, informed and responsive partner in learning…

Kath Murdoch

The Art of Inquiry: 10 practices for inquiry teaching and learning

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This is a unit from the Master of Education at Queensland University of Technology.

In LCN616 Inquiry Learning, you will learn about inquiry learning through undertaking your own inquiry. You will create a blog/website which will form part of your digital professional footprint and will be a resource for other educators in your field.

This unit is designed around two core modules supported by weekly online synchronous tutorials and an online community on MeWe. Each module corresponds with an assessment task.

First, take a tour of this website to familiarise yourself with where you will find all of the information you will need this semester, then  begin your inquiry learning journey, head to Getting Started.