In your Final Reflection (approx 250 words) you should revisit and reflect upon your inquiry questions in the Initial Post and upon the questions you asked along the way in the Expert Searching post/s. You should reflect on the changes in your understanding in relation to the initial post. You should pose new questions that have been prompted by your final reflection.

You should compare your own search to Carol Kuhlthau’s Information Search Process (ISP).  How does your experience compare to the ISP? Did you undergo the same stages? In this post do not simply reproduce the stages, but represent them in relation to your experience.

You can see an example of how one previous student has approached their final reflection here. This student was using the metaphor of the threads and textile work throughout her posts. She has pictured her reflection as stepping back and viewing the completed tapestry. Note how she has compared her own search to the phases identified in the ISP by Carol Kulthau – this is an essential feature of the critical reflection.


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